Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S 1 Pt 3

Welcome to the final post in our rewatch big series for Gossip Girl, season one! We’ve got a lot of juicy deets to get into before the finale, so let’s hop right in.

Quick disclaimers (say them with me):

  1. There are spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  2. All photos featured come from the Gossip Girl Wiki unless otherwise stated.

Here we go!

Episode 13- A Thin Line Between Chuck And Nate

“You’re a Waldorf, remember? People don’t tell you who you are. You tell them. Stay and fight. I’ll fight with you.”


Random thoughts

  • Poor Serena getting caught buying pregnancy tests. If only the cast had existed in the era of Postmates.
  • I’m sure Dan’s rambling was supposed to be seen as cute, but it wasn’t.
  • A meta thought, but kudos to whoever named the episode titles. They’re so clever.
  • The whole subplot of Rufus getting caught in a weird love triangle was unnecessary.
  • Everything Eric says is profound and true. He is wise beyond his years and must be protected at all costs!!
  • Serena’s giggle makes me giggle. She’s so cute.


Blair commanding herself not to be pregnant is the most Blair thing. I love it.

You know what else I love? How everyone just takes what GG days as gospel. She gets tips from literal children. What would stop them from spreading lies? I mean, they’re usually not wrong, but still.

Did Serena and Dan really think that Jenny wasn’t going to eavesdrop on their conversation about Blair and the pregnancy test? I feel like I’ll say this a lot over the course of the show, but so many of these scandals could be avoided if the main characters didn’t blab to each other in semi-public spaces.

The fact that Blair’s minions would switch up on her so quickly shows just how flaky associates can be. Is it really worth it to have surface level friends when they won’t be there to have your back when you need them most?

It’s pretty evident that Chuck only said those hurtful things to Blair to push her away, but watching her take the final nail in the rejection coffin in a tearful plea to her mother to spend a semester with her father in France was so real. Have you ever felt so defeated that you want to run away? I know I have.

Episode 14- The Blair B**** Project

“It’s not my fault that you don’t know what a Valentino’s worth.”

Betty (consignment shop manager) to Jenny

Random thoughts

  • How do these girls not know that Jenny is a broke Brooklynite? Do they not know who her brother is?
  • I’m all for killing people with kindness (a la Serena), but Blair has a true knack for sniffing out the crap in others. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of both.
  • I’m assuming Izabel’s actress must have really hurt her arm because she has a sling on in this episode. It would have been nice for there to have been an in-universe excuse for it.


I’m sorry, but Rufus is an idiot for thinking Blair has Jenny’s best interests at heart. Lily even lampshades this a few episodes later. Wanting to be like (and liked by) Blair is one of the reasons Jenny has become so unbearable lately. Read the room, Lonely Boy Sr.

This kids are vicious!! First they attack Serena for her escapades, now Blair. How hypocritical; they want to do grownup things but will turn against one another in a second when they’re caught in the middle of an adult scandal. Kids will be kids.

Why did Rufus choose to stay in Brooklyn and have Jenny and Dan go to private school? Dan seemed to be adjusting pretty well considering, but clearly Jenny is struggling. Call me crazy, but maybe having her spend so much time on the UES with spoiled rich girls wasn’t the best idea.

I get that Chuck was the obvious choice to blame when Serena kept getting all of those naughty gifts, but since when was he ever tight lipped about his actions (except for when it came to Blair, of course?) Chuck may be a lot of things, but bashful he is not.

Episode 15- Desperately Seeking Serena

“Lucky for us, mental acuity and common sense rarely come in the same package.”


Random thoughts

  • The SAT montage at the beginning of the episode gave me anxiety. Standardized tests were not my friend.
  • I would’ve killed for one of those electronic Princeton Review SAT devices. Not sure how useful they would’ve been, but how cool would I have looked clicking though one of them?
  • Sorry Jenny, but I’d take a hot stone massage over lasagna for my SAT prep any day.
  • GEORGINA!!! I just love the intensity around her return. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and for good reason. She’s a deviant.


Oh Nelly Yuki. She has all the smarts in the world and still fell for Blair’s fake act. Since when has B ever done anything for someone without there being something in it for her?

Jenny went from thanking her dad for the sewing machine to storming off to her room when Rufus told her she can’t date in less than one minute. Teens.

People like Georgina scare me. Feigning sincerity to make me trust you again only to drug me and have zero remorse for it is something only a truly sick person would do.

Asher laid it on a little thick when he came to Jenny’s house. “I wish more of my friends’ parents cared enough to ground them when they messed up”? Brown-noser.

Episode 16- All About My Brother

“You’re Jenny Humphrey from Brooklyn. You need status, access, resources. I give that to you.”


Random thoughts

  • I can’t lie, Jenny’s brief moment of victory over Blair in the opening is great to see. You gotta hand it to her, she learned from the best.
  • It’s interesting that Dan had yet to be caught with “Sarah” on GG. I guess she’s only around when the plot calls for it.
  • Okay, maybe I like Lily? She has many more heartwarming moments in season one than I remember her having.
  • Speaking of Mrs. soon-to-be Bass, she is absolutely STUNNING in that wedding dress!! Classic and poised, just like Lily.
  • I never understood using bases as euphemisms for sex acts. That being said, I was today years old when I learned exactly what third base was.


Serena Celia van der Woodsen. Why would you hide Georgina’s card in a book and the flash drive in a jeans pocket? If you really want to get rid of something, actually get rid of it. Burn it, shred it, I don’t know. But do not hide it in your room.

How can one person be so vindictive? I still can’t tell if Georgina purposefully outed Eric at the dinner table or if it was an honest mistake, but either way, she seems to get a thrill out of making others miserable.

Remember when Alison left in episode 11 and we were going to keep track of when Jenny started to spiral? Well congratulations, we’ve reached our destination.

First she’s stealing designer dresses and sneaking out of the house, now she’s outright defying her dad to his face and walking out on him. She makes a good point though, how could he have kept her at home without warranting a call from Child Protective Services?

I find it interesting that people can just roll up to Blair’s house unannounced. Serena lives in a hotel, Dan and Jenny live in a loft with a door that people knock on, but anyone can just pop into the Waldorf residence through the elevator? How bizarre.

You’ve got to be a pretty good actor to get your emotions to read on camera by saying hardly anything. Taylor Momsen got me all in my feels when Jenny came home ready to apologize after accepting defeat with Blair.

Episode 17- Woman On The Verge

“You can tell us anything. We don’t judge. We’re the non-judging breakfast club. We’re your best friends. Anything you do is something we did, too.”


Random thoughts

  • I’ve been dying to use the NJBC acronym in reference to the main cast but wanted to wait until the first episode it was used to do so. We’re here!
  • Why did Georgina think that she wouldn’t run into anyone who would know her real name? Even more, why didn’t she think that one of Dan’s classmates wouldn’t put two and two together?


The four main characters aren’t always the best to each other, but when Chuck, Nate, and Blair all rally together to help detox a hungover Serena, it’s evident that they have a bond that can never be broken, and that’s admirable.

It’s sad to see Serena struggling with her past and trying so hard to keep Dan from knowing that side of her, but it was only a matter of time before it all caught up with her. I’m not sure if lying about cheating was better than telling the truth, but I can understand why she was scared to tell anyone, much less the guy who “puts her on a pedestal.”

I really wanted to use what Dorota said when she called Lily warning her about Serena as this episode’s featured quote, but I hate that they have her use broken English in all of her dialogue. I’m sure that’s accurate in some settings, but it feels poorly stereotyped to me.

I struggle to understand Georgina’s angle in the show at this point. There’s no back story to her here, and if she gets one later on, I don’t remember. Right now, she’s just a rich party girl who seems to get a kick out of wreaking havoc.

But why? Does she symbolize what most people think spoiled rich kids are like? Or is there more to her than that? Is she a pathological liar? I don’t know, but she comes out pretty flat as is.

I like that they show Rufus playing with his band. A lot of shows will have a character possess some sort of skill or ability that is only mentioned but never shown. It’s cool to see him actually up on stage, even though I don’t believe for one second that that was his real singing voice. Kudos for the song being pretty catchy, though.

Episode 18- Much “I Do” About Nothing

“I think maybe I’ve outgrown this place. And holding on to it is keeping me from moving forward with what’s most important to me now. What do you think I should do?”

-Bart Bass

Random thoughts


Bart and Lily’s union felt like more of a business transaction than anything. She definitely didn’t seem as bewildered to wake up next to Rufus as she should have, on her wedding day, no less.

I’m glad Dan was honest with Serena about him and Georgina. Even though she probably would have preferred not to know anything, holding onto secrets doesn’t do anyone any good (as she should know all too well.)

Besides, after how angry he was in the last episode, not to mention how manipulative G can be, Serena would be pretty naive to think that nothing happened between the two of them.

Serena was extremely unfair to Dan when he decided everything he’d learned about her was too much for him to deal with. I don’t think Dan was trying to judge her. In fact, if she’d just been honest with him, things maybe wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. However, S was so afraid of how he’d view her that she ended up making herself look worse by lying continuously and dodging the truth.

I love Chuck’s best man speech, and the vulnerability he shows Blair at the wedding reception. Of course, Bart just had to ruin it by making Chuck overthink his feelings for Blair and go back to his old tricks. It’s the finale, and school’s out. You know GG had to shake things up at the very end.

Season one is officially in the books! It’s been so fun reliving the wild and crazy antics of the GG gang.

I’m finding that the characters here are much more charming and caring to one another than I remember them being (except for Miss Sparks, of course.) It’s only the beginning, though, and the story lines and web of lies will only get messier. You better buckle up!

What’s your favorite moment from the first season? Let me know in the comments!


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