Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S 1 Pt 3

Welcome to the final post in our rewatch big series for Gossip Girl, season one! We've got a lot of juicy deets to get into before the finale, so let's hop right in. Quick disclaimers (say them with me): There are spoilers. Read at your own risk. All photos featured come from the Gossip Girl... Continue Reading →

Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S 1 Pt 2

Welcome back to another week of GG commentary! We’re 2/3 of the way through season 1, and so much more has happened at this point than I remember! Like really, CeCe Rhodes really made her first appearance this early? I could’ve sworn it was later 😅 A suggestion on how to read this blog series... Continue Reading →

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