My Childhood Is Officially Ruined.

Photo by Roman Odintsov on Pexels Game shows are one of my favorite sub-genres of reality television. I have fond memories watching The Price Is Right with my grandma and Family Feud really made a comeback in my household when Steve Harvey became the host. Speaking of Mr. Harvey, it’s not often that new hosts... Continue Reading →

Remember The Slumber Party Girls?

…no? Okay, what about Dance Revolution? Not the arcade game (that’s Dance Dance Revolution, which the show was named after), the TV show that came on during CBS’s Saturday morning children’s programming block from 2006-2007. I imagine a faint haze is entering your mind as you slowly begin to remember. Or maybe not. Either way,... Continue Reading →

What almost made me stop watching The Nanny

Photo by Nothing Ahead on I remember meeting someone years ago who was OBSESSED with Fran Drescher, and, by extension, The Nanny (seriously, he was.) I couldn’t understand it… until about 2 months ago. I’m scrolling through my YouTube feed to find something to watch for the evening when I see a live video... Continue Reading →

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