Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S 2 Pt 1

Welcome back for another season of GG commentary!

At the end of season one, the NJBC was officially out for the summer: Lonely Boy and S are on the outs, Georgina got her just desserts, Blair has been stood up by Chuck, Jenny scores a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Lily becomes Mrs. Bass.

What’s in store for season two? It’s been a while, so let’s rewatch and find out!

But first:

  1. There are spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  2. All photos featured come from the Gossip Girl Wiki unless otherwise stated. (There were a couple of pics that I needed to find elsewhere — shout out to Reddit user chairwriter for directing me to this treasure trove of screen grabs!)

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Episode 1- Summer Kind of Wonderful

Source: Home of the Nutty

“If you want entrer (entry) into the upper class, there’s no easier mark than a wronged woman.”


Random Thoughts

  • Okay, Nate is how old again? I mean, sure, the age of consent in New York is 17, but still. Catherine needs to be put under the jailhouse for robbing the cradle.
  • In the scene where both B & S and Chuck & Nate are walking on the street, the drinks in their hands look so enticing. Why is it that food and drink always look better on tv?
  • You’re going to get sick of me saying this, but I love every single scene Eric is in.
  • Let’s get into that Teyana Taylor song that plays in the establishing shots of the White Party- Google Me! What. A. Bop.
  • I love the looks at the White Party! Serena is giving Greek goddess glam and I am 100% here for it!
  • Can I be invited to a Vitamin Water party? I love those drinks!


I completely forgot about James Marcus actually being a prince (and a lord!) When he drops his American accent, Blair’s reaction is priceless. Just when you think he was onto something by comparing her to awful Chuck, he drops his humble boy facade and turns out to be just as self-absorbed as Blair. He’s also no stranger to keeping secrets (#foreshadowing.)

Chuck is wild to think that Blair was going to be sitting around all summer pining after him. Did he forget who she was? Also, did she come to The Hamptons…. on a bus? Ugh, what has this show turned me into that I’m turning my nose up at public transportation?

We all know that Blair wasn’t really into James/Marcus in the beginning, she just wanted to hurt Chuck as much as he did her. And honestly, who can blame her? How can she trust Chuck not to regress back to his childish ways the next time he has an identity crisis? Spoiler alert: she can’t.

Oh, how I love when the Gossip Girl-sized poo hits the fan! After Dan catches Serena kissing Nate (for a purely platonic reason, mind you), all of his summer flings just so happen to pop up and ambush him in front of S. Too funny!

This episode has the first mention of “three words, eight letters”. Did you see the sheer fear in Chuck’s eyes when he realized what Blair was asking him to say? Maybe this is a hot take, but I don’t think it was fair for Blair to expect him to let the L word fly so freely. Of course, if she hadn’t interrupted him, who knows what may have come out of his mouth?

Episode 2- Never Been Marcused

“Oh, you know it’s love when you start talking like an assassin.”


Random thoughts

  • If it’s one thing the Archibald parents do well, it’s withhold information from their son.
  • I get that “tensions” were high between Dan and Serena on the ride back into the city, but the bus bathroom? Those spaces aren’t known for their cleanliness.
  • Squash is a funny game. The goggles make me laugh and I’m never entirely sure what the object is.
  • CATHERINE IS 38?????
  • I think a little piece of me died with Blair when Catherine introduced herself as Marcus’s stepmother. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth.


I don’t care how many shows and movies try to make this look cool, but rolling around in the sand does not scream “romance” to me. Do you know how many unsightly places that stuff likes to get stuck in? No, thank you.

Lord Marcus being able to mask his English accent reminds me of how well Ed Westwick (who is also British) masks his native accent as Chuck Bass. I wish I was able to pick up foreign accents as easily.

Chuck proves that he will go to the ends of the earth for the people he cares for, and Nate is no exception. Unfortunately, Nate is too proud to accept his help and would rather sell his soul than take money from Chuck. Why on earth did Nate make a deal with a woman he barely knows over his best friend? Was it really better to accept money from someone who is going to perpetually hold it over his head?

Episode 3- The Dark Night

“I don’t like sharing my toys, especially if I’m paying for them.”


Random thoughts

  • I get Jenny is “just the intern”, but who really has time to make overly long and unnecessarily snarky anecdotes to belittle the subordinates?
  • On today’s episode of “fits I love”: Serena’s chartreuse silk tank is too cute!
  • Chartreuse must be in season in this episode! Blair looks fabulous in her party dress.


Ah, the old “make the power go out to force characters to have a heart-to-heart” trope. Hey, it works. What’s done in the dark is bound to come to light, and boy does it ever.

Nate just went from one overbearing middle aged WASP to another. Catherine has a strange obsession with control, and for what? Because Nate makes her “feel alive?” Sorry, but you’re gonna have to do better than that hun.

I’ve never been good with following directions, so the rebel in me appreciates Jenny’s bold attempt to enhance Eleanor’s dress design. However, in some cases, you must earn the right to change the rules…or whatever CeCe said last season.

Where is Catherine’s husband? Back in England? Amazing that someone as high-profile as the Duchess would risk someone catching her with Nate.

Speaking of Nate, I gotta call BS here. He tells Vanessa that he’s only sleeping with Catherine for money to help his family, but he didn’t find out that his family’s assets were being seized until the end of the summer, after he’d been messing around with Mrs. Robinson. I struggle to understand this guy’s logic.

Episode 4- The Ex-Files

“Looks like Humphrey defied our great expectations, and Waldorf’s rules of order. Daring to date before Serena? It’s only a matter of time before it’s off with his head… or hers.”

-Gossip Girl

Random thoughts

  • I got secondhand embarrassment watching Dan and Serena’s ill-fated attempt at small talk in the courtyard. I also think it may have been too soon to try to do the whole “friend” thing.
  • If I were Jenny, I’d beg Rufus to transfer me to another school.
  • Why do I slightly enjoy how humiliated Serena was feeling at dinner with Amanda and Dan?


There goes Nate’s signature “deer in headlights” look. Think about it: why else would Vanessa change her mind about Catherine unless the Duchess bullied her into it? You know, like she did you?

Does no one value the sanctity of marriage on this show? Lily is back in the States for two seconds and here she is, sniffing around Rufus’s art gallery. Old habits sure do die hard. And while I feel bad for Lilly, Rufus is 100% right, she made her choice. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, sweetie.

It’s episodes like these that make me realize how self-absorbed Serena is. She claims she doesn’t want to be “queen”, but is quick to pull rank on Dan when he starts hanging out with the new girl. Insecure much? Besides, for someone who once loved their ex and was hurt that he seemed to move on so fast, she had some pretty hurtful things to say at the bar.

Dan can be very neurotic and judgmental, but you can’t blame him for being fed up with Serena’s wounded bird persona and incessant “nothing is ever my fault” attitude. She may not initiate a lot of the antics, but she doesn’t make an effort to put a stop to them either.

Episode 5- The Serena Also Rises

Source: Home of the Nutty

“Nate’s only friends with you out of habit! The only person with fewer friends than you is Dan Humphrey and at least his lame nineties dad likes him. And that’s because he’s something you’ll never be: a human being.”

-Blair (to Chuck)

Random thoughts

  • Was Jenny always as tall as Dan? Or am I just noticing her growth spurt?
  • Speaking of Little J, how long did she think she was gonna be able to keep this little hooky ruse up?
  • Yay, first appearance of the iconic artwork in the van der Woodsen penthouse!
  • Speaking of the artwork, I had to do a double take on Bex because she looks an awful lot like Poppy Lifton.


New York has literally hundreds of thousands of wild and eclectic people that Dan could have stepped out of his comfort zone with. Yet he chose Chuck, of all people. Call me crazy, but if someone I knew detested me offered me a nondescript pill, I probably wouldn’t take it.

I don’t understand why Rufus insists on spending tens of thousands of dollars every year to send Jenny to Constance, especially when it’s proving to be such an awful environment for her. I get people have qualms with the public school system, but there’s got to be another school in one of those boroughs that would give Jenny a good education and also not wreck her socially.

This show came out around the same time that another CW show was at its peak: America’s Next Top Model. It would’ve been cool to have some of the contestants walk the runway at Eleanor’s show.

Every single one of these characters can be pretty bratty and have way too much access to wreak havoc when their feelings are hurt, which I think sums up this show pretty well. I get that Blair wanted to get revenge on Jenny and Serena, but her own mother? It’s like word vomit, but with scheming. She just can’t stop until the damage is done. And, of course, she never learns her lesson. Because where’s the fun in that?

I did a little peeking into what’s in store for Season two, and there are some wild things coming up! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss new posts.


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