I Furnished My Apartment Balcony For Under $300

It’s officially summertime!

One of my favorite things to do during the season where it doesn’t get completely dark until nearly 10pm is sit outside on a cool summer evening and enjoy the fresh air.

If it’s not too humid during the day (or pouring rain as it likes to do quite often here in North Carolina), I’ll also spend some time chilling on my balcony, eating lunch alfresco or reading a good book.

My balcony is one of my favorite spaces in my apartment, and I only spent $291 on it.

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Chairs– Outdoor furniture can be expensive. Even a quick Amazon search showed me a cute set of patio chairs would likely run me at least $300-$400. Wanna know where I got these? Aldi (yes, the grocery store.)

If you’re an avid shopper, you know that they have seasonal Aldi Exclusives where you can find anything from furniture to clothes for a great price. I’ve even gotten a pair of boots from there! There’s just one catch: you must act fast or they’ll be gone.

I highly recommend checking their weekly ads during this time of year when they put out their limited finds. This is a sample of what they have at my local Aldi this week:

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My patio chairs came in a set of 2 and cost me $140. What a steal!

Rug– This was another great find from Aldi. They had a slew of outdoor rugs in different designs that were the perfect fit for a small balcony like mine. The cost? $40!

In fact, it looks like they’ll be back next week according to their sneak peek ad. Check your location and see if you can snag one yourself!

Screenshot by author

Stool and accent table– I’m lumping these smaller pieces that are on either sides of the chairs together as they were both $5 at Five Below. They’re not the most sturdy (nor are they meant for outdoor use), but they make for a nice addition to the space without overcrowding it.

Pouf- I got this cute foot rest at TJ Maxx. It is outdoor friendly and has handled heavy wind and rain with no problem. It was originally $50, but I got it on sale for $30!

Curtains and tapestry– I got these at different places (TJ Maxx and Amazon, respectfully), but they were each $17. Because these items weren’t made for outside, they didn’t work so well with the summer storms.

Not long after I installed the curtains, it started pouring rain and the water weighed the fabric down so much that they fell down. While unfortunate, they made for great pictures!

Lights- I got the wire lights that are on the railing at Five Below for $5 and the curtain lights at At Home for $32.

The wire lights were indoor use only so they fizzled out pretty quickly, but the curtain lights are made for the outdoors and I still use them when I’m sitting out on the balcony watching the sun set.

The space at night. Photo by author
Photo by author

Do you like to spend the dog days of summer relaxing in your outdoor space? Tell me all about it! Maybe you have some cute and affordable pieces like curtains and lights that are meant for the outdoors that I can add to my space 😂

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