Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch- S 4 Pt 1

Happy #GGThursday!! We’re officially starting Season 4! Ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

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2. Spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.

Episode 1- Belles de Jour

“We’re talking about Georgina Sparks! Her hair lies! You can’t trust one thing that comes out of her mouth… let alone anywhere else.”


Random thoughts

  • These season openers are so dramatic, and I am here for every second of them. The music really gives teen soap opera.
  • How did Louis see Blair’s watch from so far away? I’m sorry, but that is a flimsy excuse to explain how he knew she was from the States.
  • Georgina is notorious for her lies and scheming ways, so why didn’t Dan even consider getting his own paternity test on Milo? I’m with Rufus on this one: how can you trust any piece of information that comes from her?


Blair is a pretty condescending friend to… well, everyone, but especially Serena. She’s always making subtle digs at her free spirited personality and insinuating that she’s not as smart as Blair because of it. While she may not be totally wrong, I wouldn’t want to be best friends with someone who’s constantly belittling me, even if it’s supposedly in jest.

It’s clear that Blair only wants to be Serena’s friend from afar. She practically begged Serena to go on a double date with her and now she’s mad that Serena going to the same college as her? What kind of friendship is that? And, surprise of all surprises, Louis actually was royalty. Blair did that to herself; Serena had nothing to do with it. And I’m not buying her vulnerability to Serena for one second. If Louis hadn’t embarrassed her, she would’ve still been mad at Serena for one-upping her. How long are they going to play these high school games when they’re hurt instead of being mature and talking it out?

Nate is an idiot. He knows nothing about this Juliet chick, and yet he decides to confide in her about him and Serena? Obviously she’s been keeping tabs on him for quite some time, but shouldn’t he be the least bit concerned that she began to take interest in him once she “found out” that he was close with the VDWs and Basses?

Episode 2- Double Identity

“When I woke up my ID was gone. Nobody knew who I was, nobody was coming to look for me. I realized I might be alive but Chuck Bass doesn’t have to be.”


Random thoughts

  • Vanessa is a real one to help out with Milo, especially since she’s not obligated to.
  • It’s astonishing how Gossip Girl didn’t mention Dan’s son once over the summer. The fact that this huge secret skipped both Serena and Blair is shocking.


Nate checks Dan’s phone to find that he received the same text from Serena that Nate did. Now, with the help of his new “friend” Juliet, he deduces that Dan was lying to him? Does it look like he had a chance to read the message? He was busy with Milo, for crying out loud. How naive can Nate be?

Rufus is asking the right kinds of questions here: isn’t it ironic that Georgina dipped right after Dan signed the birth certificate? Also, why are they taking the “evidence” that she provided as gospel, like she doesn’t have a track record of stopping at nothing to get her way? Rufus isn’t my favorite person by a long shot, but I admire his critical thinking skills.

It’s amazing how much trauma can change your perspective on life. Chuck had lost the respect of everyone he knew and loved. He was seconds from proposing to Blair before his indiscretions caught up with him, and then he got shot trying to hold on to the engagement ring. You can’t blame him for wanting to recreate himself and start over.

Episode 3- The Undergraduates

“Serena, you cheated on me with Dan. And then you dumped me and then you disappeared for the whole summer. Then you come back acting as if nothing’s changed. But I did. And I guess it took me until now to realize just how mad I am at you.”


Random thoughts

  • Since when did GG step up her game to start showing live streams? I guess that’s why her site was under construction.
  • It seems like Chuck’s attraction to Eva is a classic case of hero syndrome. She saved his life and gave him a chance at starting a new life; it’s only natural that he would want to cling to her.
  • Blair is only okay with how things went at Hamilton House because she was the one chosen and not Serena. Had it been the other way around, we all know how that would’ve turned out.


I don’t blame Eric and Rufus for not forgiving Chuck for what he did to Jenny in the first season. However, I’m confused: when did Eric find out about what happened at that party? Because he and Chuck were thick as thieves in season two. Additionally, I know there is an entire camp of people who dislike how easily Jenny and Lily were able to dismiss his actions. I understand that, and I wish that the writers hadn’t made Chuck out to be so ruthless, especially if the idea was to reform him as the series progressed.

Episode 4- Touch of Eva

“Petroleum apocalypse, the education crisis, poverty, disease, not to mention the recession. It seems outside my Bassian bubble the world is a pretty screwed up place.”


Random thoughts

  • These characters seem to have to relearn each other every other episode. Serena is indecisive, Blair is vindictive, why does everyone forget that?


Blair just can’t help herself, meddling until she’s effectively hurt everyone in her wake. The fact that she’d go through all of that trouble to break Chuck and Eva up when she claims she doesn’t want him back shows the lengths she’s willing to go to make him as miserable as she is. That’s low, even for Blair.

Vanessa means well, but it almost seems like she’s become more entitled to mother Dan since she moved in. Are we surprised, though? The only reason Dan agreed to let her move in in the first place was for Milo. He’s had a lot of craziness happen in his life over the past few months, including fathering a child that he later learned wasn’t his, causing him to make some really rash decisions, one of which was to let his overbearing best friend/girlfriend live with him. Big mistake, Humphrey.

On a related note, why is Dan wanting to have a good time and escape from reality for a little bit a bad thing? I’m all for talking about your feelings and being an adult, but giving people space to process in whatever way they need is equally important. You can’t make someone face their truth when they’re not ready.

Episode 5- Goodbye, Columbia

“That’s the thing about a good gaslight: with enough smoke, who cares if there’s really a fire?”

-Gossip Girl

Random thoughts

  • I really like Dan and Nate’s friendship. Their dialogue feels refreshingly realistic.
  • This weird dude who keeps taking cabs from Serena on her way to campus as an ill-fated attempt to run into her is really grating.
  • Why is Vanessa (and pretty much everyone else, for that matter) so trusting of Juliet? She’s done nothing to prove that she cares about any of these people, so why would they believe anything that comes out of her mouth?


Did Blair forget who Chuck is? What made her think that he wouldn’t go for blood after what she did to him? He said “No limits”. Chuck may be many things, but he is a man of his word.

If Juliet really cared about Nate’s sexual health, she would have asked him to take a test before the rumor came out. Based on his exploits over the summer, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to get tested.

Dan and Rufus have similar issues when it comes to the women they love. When Vanessa is adamant that something happened between Dan and Serena, Rufus tells him that he needs to show Vanessa that she’s the only one he cares about. However, it’s clear that Dan still holds a torch for Serena, and every time she’s in the picture, it causes problems for his girlfriend of the week.

Comparatively, think back to season one: Rufus and his ex-wife Alison were already on the rocks. Re-enter old flame Lily Rhodes/van der Woodsen/Bass. He’s not been the same since.

Episode 6- Easy J

“You two used to be in love and together you were invincible. But now that you’ve turned against each other, it’s just a matter of time until your mutual destruction. And when that happens, maybe I’ll think about coming home. But for now: goodbye, good riddance, and good luck.”


Random thoughts

  • Penelope is still alive and well as Blair’s minion even in college, but I wonder where Izabel and Hazel ended up after Constance?
  • Blair and Chuck are so self-centered that they didn’t think for one second about the possibility of Jenny squealing.


Nate is hysterical. He’s mad because, after his big night with Juliet, she left to go to class? Obviously, she was lying, but even if she wasn’t, it is possible for people to actually have a life the morning after.

Speaking of, Nate lets Juliet lie time and time again and continuously overlooks it, yet blows his top when Serena does it. How many times will he let women walk all over him before he grows a backbone?

It is amazing how much can happen in six episodes: Chuck was torn down, built up, and torn back down, Jenny shows up, and this random Juliet character swoops into everyone’s life to wreak total havoc.

Let the games begin!

Are you rewatching with us? Let us know your favorite moments in the comments!


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