Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch- S 3 Pt 4

Happy #GGThursday!! We’re finishing up season three today! Ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

But first,

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2. Spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.

Episode 19- Dr. Estrangeloved

“It’s no use to deny the past. Chuck is a part of me; he’ll always be. It just hurts so much.”


Random thoughts

  • I love when relatives are cast in shows and actually look related. Like, if I didn’t know any better, I’d really believe that Lily and William begot Serena.


Did I miss something? Why is Jenny all of a sudden interested in stealing Nate away from Serena? Sure, he saved her from drunken hoodlums who did not have her best interests at heart, but it’s got to be more than that. Either way, her plan to drive Serena and Nate apart did nothing but the exact opposite. I can’t say I’m upset about it.

Rufus’s anger, per usual, is misguided. He claims that William encouraged Lily not to tell her family about her “illness”, but Lily is a big girl. It’s not like her ex-husband held a gun up to her head and forced her not to squeal, about her own life, no less. She chose to keep that from them all by herself. I’m not judging her choice by any means, but William isn’t totally to blame. At least not for that…

Episode 20- It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

“Going through all of that without a father made me realize I don’t need one.”


Random thoughts

  • I’m starting to think that Jenny makes a sport out of pissing off her family, be it by blood or marriage.
  • Eric is rightfully cautious of William. He may not know that his dad’s got an ulterior motive, but the boy never misses.
  • Chuck and Lily’s bond is the purest of them all.


Far be it from me to question choosing a significant other over personal enrichment, but I don’t think Vanessa should have considered turning down an internship in Haiti for Dan. She ends up going, obviously, but the fact that she was seriously willing to give that kind of opportunity up would’ve been something she’d regret for a long time.

You gotta love how open everyone is with each other in this episode. Jenny’s advice to Serena caused her to open up to her dad about her true past, Blair’s advice to Chuck made him come running to Lily with open arms, and Dan’s advice to Jenny caused her to try and get ahead of GG and tell her dad she used to deal drugs…. at least until he finds out by a disgruntled customer instead. Babe can’t win for losing.

Episode 21- Ex-Husbands and Wives

“I would give it all back: the clothes, the parties, the limo rides, just for one day that felt normal.”


Random thoughts

  • In a nod to the previous episode, Jenny and Chuck’s team up to figure out what’s going on with Lily’s medication is beautiful.


Rufus is a lot of things, but a liar he is not. He would not have brought Holland to the VDWs if he had something to hide. In the same vein, Serena is clearly looking for an excuse to push him away and draw her parents closer together, but if she had any inkling of emotional intelligence, she’d know that trusting a random stranger over her stepfather is ludicrous.

Serena is really starting to piss me off. I get that she wants to believe her dad is well intentioned, but she is literally the only person (aside from Lily) who can’t seem to see through his crap. Why would someone who has done nothing but run away magically begin to change his ways?

This is the one time I disagree with Eric’s choices. Kicking Jenny while she was down was cold. I don’t necessarily agree with her methods, but she’s right: Lily and Rufus fight all the time. Her dad is constantly bouncing between the UES and Brooklyn, and he’s never there for her like he used to be. Her mom hasn’t been around in years. He’s become a bad father as of late, and is a lot of the reason why Jenny acts out.

Episode 22- Last Tango, Then Paris

“Nate loves Serena. Dan loves Vanessa, god knows why. And Chuck loves me. But you Jenny? No one loves you. Except your daddy. And after what you pulled yesterday, who knows if that’s even true anymore?”


Random thoughts

  • Blair calling Georgina a Russian mail order bride is hilarious.


Dan is an adult. He comes and goes as he pleases. Rufus sending Jenny to the loft where her older college-aged brother will likely not be around to keep an eye on her does nothing but give her yet another opportunity to roam free around the streets of New York.

Georgina had to know attempting to get sympathy from Chuck and Blair of all people was pointless. She would have had better luck starting with Dan or Nate’s clueless self. I should point out that her desperate attempt to get back at the crew by crying pregnant lady at the end of the episode is kind’ve a bore. I’ve grown tired of Miss Sparks’s antics by now, and I hate that the writers decided to drag her back into the plot in the finale. Of course, with this being a rewatch and all, maybe she’ll pique my interest again in season four? A girl can dream.

I’m confused: were Jenny’s actions in the past few episodes because she wanted to bring her family back together, or because she wanted to break into the in crowd? Her motives change every other day, and it’s exhausting. Sending her to live in Hudson with her mom really is the best option.

We have phones in this generation. Why didn’t Blair just text Chuck and tell him Dorota went into labor? Since she didn’t show up to the Empire State Building in time, nor did she give him any reason to believe she would actually come, why wouldn’t he dip into depravity immediately after? If it hadn’t been with Jenny, it definitely would’ve been with some other random casualty.

We are officially halfway through the series! Blair and Serena ended yet another season still thick as thieves, which is longer than I thought their friendship lasted. But the fun is just beginning!

What will season 4 bring? Catch our blog next week to find out!


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