Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch- S4 Pt 2

Happy #GGThursday!! We’re getting deeper into season 4 and the tea is piping hot!! Ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

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Episode 7- War at the Roses

“Being amicable isn’t in our blood. I’ve realized we aren’t friends. Friends have to like each other. And after what happened tonight, I could never like you.”

– Chuck

Random thoughts

  • Blair getting excited for her 20th birthday is so heartwarming. It makes you forget for a second how unbearable she can be at times.
  • This peace treaty Nate and Serena ambush Chuck and Blair into is hysterical. I guess this kind of thing is par for the course when your parents are powerful businesspeople.
  • Nate was dumb to leave his place with the treaty in plain sight for Dan to snag. Then again, Nate is dumb, period.


I’m mad at Dan in this episode. In Easy J, he chastises Jenny for falling prey to the scheming ways of the Upper East Siders, yet he doesn’t bat an eyelash when Eric enlists his help in getting Jenny into town for Rufus and Lily’s anniversary. Also, lest we forget Dan’s willingness to help Serena get dirt on Louis at the beginning of the season. So… is it only okay when you do it? Interestingly enough, though, the “revenge” that Dan exacted on Blair was mild compared to what she’s done to everyone else. A video of her doing drunk karaoke? It could’ve been way worse.

If Dan and Nate are as good friends as they say they are, why didn’t Nate tell Dan that he was going to take Serena to Blair’s birthday party? She and Nate have been friends for years, and yes, they had a brief romantic stint, but why wouldn’t they remain friends in the present? Everyone knows how hard it is for Serena to be a solo bird. My good sis needs all the help she can get too — Nate leaves her alone for two seconds and the next thing you know she’s heading upstairs on napkin orders from Colin.

Episode 8- Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

“Just because you have no money and delusions of grandeur doesn’t make it OK for you to be a single white trash female.”


Random thoughts

  • Did Juliet forget that Vanessa was still holding the thumb drive with the pictures of Serena and Colin when she left?
  • Seeing everyone back Serena when Vanessa and Juliet try and out her relationship with Colin to the Dean is very catarthic.


Dan continues to annoy me in season four so far. In this episode, he tells Serena that Colin should quit his job at Columbia for her. While I agree that you do need to make some sacrifices in relationships, asking the guy to give up a great career opportunity for a woman he’d recently just met, especially one as flighty as Serena, is a bit much, even if he is just a guest lecturer. Furthermore, why is Dan so upset when Serena doesn’t drop everything for him when he only gives her two business days to choose?

Nate is not the sharpest tool in the tool shed, but he’s not a snob. Juliet hasn’t told him the entire truth, but what she did tell him wouldn’t have turned him away. He chose to be friends with Dan Humphrey, of all people. He is easily one of the most down to earth characters in this show.

Episode 9- The Witches of Bushwick

“Dan vs. Nate was hard enough, I am not touching Good vs. Bad Serena.”


Random thoughts

  • I’ve never used a protractor for any reason, much less for a Venn diagram to illustrate someone’s love life.
  • I forgot that Nate’s mom existed for a moment.
  • Poor Eric. Serena dismissing the one person who had her back when everyone else turned against her is beyond rude.


I can’t believe Dan and Nate are really fighting over Serena. I get it, she’s been a relationship with them both, she’s beautiful, she’s charming, blah blah blah. But they’ve got to know the one of them will lose.

I can understand Jenny wanting to get Serena back for…I can’t even remember anymore. But Vanessa? Sure, she’s upset because Juliet framed her with stealing Serena’s phone and is frustrated because no one believed her, but joining forces with the J’s? Vanessa shouldn’t even care about trivial scandals and scheming. I guess the UES really is contagious.

Nate and Dan have it bad for Serena. Are they that head over heels for her that they can’t recognize her kisses? Even if Jenny and Juliet were wearing her perfume, they should still smell different, for goodness sake. Also, and this is a small note, but since when has Serena ever been known to take a vow of silence? Are they so smitten that they didn’t notice how strange it was for “Serena” to kiss and ditch with nary a word?

Episode 10- Gaslit

“Well, whatever happened, Serena did what she did. And if anyone should accept responsibility, it’s me. It was my job to raise my daughter to make the right choices when life didn’t go as planned. And I failed.”


Random thoughts

  • I’ve never seen a show do more Thanksgiving episodes than Gossip Girl.
  • It’s amazing how easy it is for Juliet to lie. That’s a dangerous kind of person.
  • All Rufus knows how to do when it comes to Jenny is push her away when she messes up. What kind of loving father does that? #RuthlessRufus.


Even in a scary situation like this, everyone wants to think the worst regarding Serena’s overdose. To be fair, she has a history of acting out and substance use, but someone has to think about the events of the past few weeks and how badly Juliet has wanted to take her down.

Vanessa is really low for throwing Jenny under the bus like that, especially knowing how rocky her relationship with Rufus has been as of late. I’ve never been a big fan of hers, but she’s plummeted to the pits since Juliet came into the picture.

The rationale for some of the schemes Blair has been behind, like humiliating Miss Carr for not giving her an A on her paper or sabotaging Jenny’s interview with Tim Gunn because she “disobeyed” her orders to never set foot on the island again, were elementary at best. However, when the gang comes together to avenge one of their own, a la Georgina and now Juliet, I get immense joy from watching the takedown.

Episode 11- The Townie

“Never to be realized literary aspirations? Check. Townie? You’re from Brooklyn so check. Giving up everything to become Serena van der Woodsen’s stalker? Check. Face it Humphrey, you are one knitted tie away from Mr. Donovan territory.”


Random thoughts

  • For someone who is supposedly an “outsider”, Dan has become quite a quick study in the ways of scheming and sleuthing.
  • Lily needs to learn how to lie better. It’s so obvious when she’s hiding something by how tight lipped she gets and how quick she is to run off.
  • I’m sorry, but the flashback scene where Serena is inebriated and dancing to Soulja Boy is very corny. Even still, it gave me a good chuckle.
  • It’s amazing how much information Gossip Girl has. How did she know Damien was the one who would help Dan and Blair get one step closer to nabbing Juliet?


Poor Ben. Getting seduced by a minor and standing your ground not to cross a line yet getting falsely accused anyway? I really wanted to like Lily but this act sent her right into irredeemable territory for me. It amazes me that, for someone who has so much to say about their children’s shortcomings, they conveniently ignore the mountain of skeletons accumulating in their closet.

Lily is the one person who Chuck respected as a parental figure, and she knew how much his father’s business meant to him. She had to know how betrayed he would feel when he found out her plans to sell Bass Industries. To be fair, there was more to the story (as there often is with Mrs. van der Woodsen/Bass/Humphrey), but she should have known better than to withhold that information from Chuck for so long.

Episode 12- The Kids Are Not Alright

“You’re an evil dictator of taste, Blair. Why deny that just because it’s what your mother does?”


Random thoughts

  • I did not remember that Tika Sumpter had a role in this show. What a pleasant surprise.
  • If Blair had just told her mother she wanted to get close to Indira, I have no doubt that Eleanor would have stopped at nothing to make that happen for her.


It’s interesting how Rufus is choosing to stand by Lily’s side this time around when he’s not the one caught in the crossfire. Wrong is wrong, whether it’s happening to you or not. And no, Lily making amends behind the scenes doesn’t make up for it because how do we know that she would’ve done what was right had she not been confronted about it?

Lily’s problem is that she likes to keep important information from people thinking that it is in their best interest, leaving her scrambling to divulge the truth before it’s too late. If she would put aside her high society ways of thinking and actually communicate with her family instead of keeping her mouth shut in the name of “protecting” them, maybe they wouldn’t spend every other episode hating her.

I love how Dan continues to put his life on hold for Serena’s many “detours”. He knew that she was trying to clear Ben Donovan’s name, why are they both so adamant on trying to have their “talk” right now?

Whew! This is the part of the show where the characters really begin to show their true colors and make decisions that can change how we view them for the rest of the series. I know that’s what’s happened for me with Vanessa and Lily.

What about you? Let us know your thoughts on season 4 so far in the comments!


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