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Happy #GGThursday!! Season three is quickly coming to a close, and things are getting heated! Ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

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2. Spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.

Episode 13- The Hurt Locket

“Do you really think anything could be more painful than killing my own mother and having my father hate me for it my whole life?”


Random thoughts

  • Serena jumping from Tripp to Nate, then back to Tripp only to bounce right back to Nate is wild.
  • V-chat? The predecessor to FaceTime, I presume.


How old is this Damien character? I know Jenny and Serena aren’t that far apart in age, but he looks like he’d be closer to Tripp’s age than theirs. Maybe it’s time I stop caring so much about age differences on this show.

Serena reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. She’s self-centered and grossly entitled, getting upset at the slightest blip in a relationship. To be fair, Nate’s idea of “not rushing things” by deciding not to be her date at the French ambassador’s dinner was not one of his brightest, but this isn’t the first time she’s gotten annoyed by a suitor only to link up with the next highest bidder. It’s a toxic trait that only wisdom and life experience will cure.

Rufus deciding to avoid Lily instead of confronting her is childish. Sadly, it’s the type of behavior I have come to expect from him. However, I can agree with his frustration at Lily holding in such a secret for so long. Even if she didn’t sleep with her ex-husband, hiding behind a mountain of lies tarnishes her integrity. I’m sure if she’d just told Rufus that she was with him to help her mother due to his medical background, he would have understood.

Episode 14- The Lady Vanished

“I don’t get what the big deal is. I know you didn’t spend all those years on the tour bus reading.”


Random thoughts

  • You know Chuck’s reaction to his mother showing up rattled Blair because she’s not trying to meddle. It takes a lot for her to take her claws out.


What does Jenny see in Damien? He made it clear that he was only using her to smuggle drugs in the previous episode, yet she decides to get into a romantic relationship with him anyway. Then, she chooses to put herself on the chopping block with Rufus and pretends the pills were hers for someone who so obviously isn’t into her. Why? Does she want attention that much?

I’m all for correcting your child when they do something wrong, but Rufus’s knee-jerk reactions to Jenny’s behavior have never ended well. I mean, the girl has run away twice now for crying out loud. She’s a handful, sure, but that’s even more reason for Rufus to have been present instead of hiding out in Brooklyn and being away from his child. Blaming Lily for not knowing what was going on is a low blow, especially when he could have been there but chose not to be.

I get that Serena has a burning desire to know her father, whose attention she’s been trying to get for months now, but she had no right to interfere in Chuck’s life in that way. Furthermore, how could Evelyn/Elizabeth be so foolish and take the check? It was clear Chuck was testing her, and she failed miserably. I don’t know what’s worse: a father who spent his entire life resenting him over a lie, or a mother who walked away and never regretted it (or at least heartless enough to tell her son that).

Episode 15- The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

“From the day he brings his newborn girl home, a father lives in fear. That someday she’ll get hurt, that someday she’ll hate him, and worst of all, that someday she’ll grow up.”

-Gossip Girl

Random thoughts


No father wants to think of the idea of his daughter losing her virginity, but proverbially chaining her to yourself to not let her out of your sight is a reach. It’ll only draw her further away from you. Hilariously, though, Rufus did a terrible job of keeping his eye on Jenny.

Damien is definitely a jerk, but I appreciate him being upfront with Jenny about his expectations early in the episode. This doesn’t forgive his actions in the end, though.

I get why Jenny is seduced by someone like Damien now. Everyone that she knows treats her like a baby, and Damien is the first person who treats her like the adult she so desperately wants to be. However, when he walks away after she changes her mind on losing her virginity to him, she comes home visibly dejected and lies to Serena about what happened. I don’t know about everyone else, but if I’d just come from spending a night with someone I really liked, I would have been much more ecstatic.

Episode 16- The Empire Strikes Jack

“Prostitutes are people too. Plus they have a lot of disposable income.”


Random thoughts

  • I get that Agnes was upset with Jenny and wanted payback, but to drug her and then attempt to have her taken advantage of? Talk about disproportionate retribution.
  • Nate is great at swooping in and defending honors, but he needs work in the pep talk department.


It takes a truly sick person to exploit someone’s emotional state for their own selfish reasons. Chuck was ecstatic to connect with his mother, and her betrayal has to hurt in a way others haven’t. But you have to admit, it was a clever plan.

Bringing a bunch of call girls to your mother’s pop up fashion show (or really any UES event) where a lot of high profile people will be who likely know these women is wild to me. What’s wilder is to acknowledge your awareness of prostitutes being at the event.

Episode 17- Inglourious Bassterds

“I am everything my father said I was.”


Random thoughts

  • This is technically about the previous episode but the flashback reminded me of something: what was Agnes’s plan if Damien’s pills hadn’t come into the picture?
  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I. LOVE. DOROTA.
  • I’m shocked that the whole “drugs at the fashion show” fiasco didn’t impact Jenny’s career at Eleanor’s.
  • This Assassin game is cool, but imagine being a random passerby seeing a bunch of people dressed all in black running around the city employing some hardcore parkour. But it’s New York, so I guess it’s par for the course.


I appreciate Serena’s effort to cheer Blair up over Chuck losing his business, but it really just proves how vapid she is. “Oh, Chuck’s whole life’s purpose since he became an adult was to prove his father wrong and become a successful businessman on his own and he’s understandably down after his mother and uncle snatched his hotel from under his nose, but it’ll all be okay because you’re Blair Waldorf”? Barf.

Ooh, Baby J, using what happened to her to keep Nate all to herself. To be fair, she did go through a very traumatic experience and Nate did save the day, but spare me the hero syndrome: she’s not playing fair.

One could argue that Dan and Vanessa’s conflict in this episode is lame and childish, but it makes a lot of sense. It’s hard to take feedback from someone you’re close to, especially romantically. It takes time and maturity to feel comfortable giving constructive criticism.

Episode 18- The Unblairable Lightness of Being

“Everything you said last night was true. We do belong together. We’re both sick and twisted. If you think about it, we’re incredibly fortunate to have even found each other.”


Random thoughts

  • Can Dorota not read the room? Does it look like Blair and Chuck are a happy couple right now?
  • I love that Dorota and Vanya got a moment in the limelight in this episode. They are such a beautiful couple.
  • We all know Kelly Rutherford was on maternity leave out of universe. Why have her get caught in a lie on her whereabouts again?
  • I hate that Blair went through all of this with Chuck, but seeing her so vulnerable here is heartwarming.


Chuck insists that Blair was in the wrong for choosing to go to Jack on her own, but it’s not like she went running and skipping to him. In her mind, she thought the only way she could save Chuck’s hotel was to concede to his uncle. It was Chuck’s decision to give her up to Jack that was particularly egregious. He had to know Blair would move heaven and earth for him, so why not let her in on his plan?

How many times will Serena hide the truth and then get mad when she’s called out on it? She had to know Nate wasn’t going to take too kindly to her sneaking around with Carter Baizen behind his back, even if it was to look for her father. Speaking of, what makes Carter the sole authority on tracking this man down? Is there no one else who can find him?

So much can happen in six episodes! Next week, we’ll finish season three and be officially halfway through the series. What are your favorite moments so far? Let us know in the comments!


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