Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch- S 3 Pt 2

Happy #GGThursday babes! Season three has been a wild ride so far and we’re not even halfway through! Ready to get into the juicy deets with us? Let’s go!

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Episode 7- How to Succeed in Bassness

“This isn’t about last week. It’s about you, Blair. It’s the reason why I couldn’t say ‘I love you’. It’s not a game. It’s because I knew I couldn’t trust you.”


Random thoughts


Does no one ever learn their lesson around here? Chuck made it very clear to Blair that he wanted to run his business his way, and she still meddles. Everything is a game to her, and it’s high time she grew up.

Jonathan all but begged Jenny to make a fool out of him, and Eric too, for that matter. I get that she may have taken the Queen B thing a little far, but what why provoke her?

Wow, Jenny. Eric is literally one of the only people who stood by her when she went through her rebellious stage last season, and this is how she repays him? That’s low.

Episode 8- The Grandfather: Part II

“What happened to you, Nate? The guy I used to call my friend…had a moral compass.”


Random thoughts

  • Is a “random” act of heroism really enough to swing an election?
  • Brandeis fell right into Serena’s trap to reveal her true identity as a call girl. If I were her, I would’ve feigned offense immediately.
  • I think it’s safe to say that this Patrick character doesn’t stick around long, so why are we relegated to his weird dialogue in this episode?
  • Maureen must have taken notes in scheming from Nate’s mom.


Nate would get so annoyed with Blair for scheming her way into (and out of) things, yet when it came to his family, he didn’t hesitate to play Serena. Now he has a conscience when she beats him at his own game?

Speaking of Nate, let’s assess for a moment: he had no issue condemning his father’s wrongdoings and encouraging him to turn himself in when he was being charged with fraud, but now he’s doing whatever he can to cover up Tripp’s political campaign? What changed, Sir Nate?

I love how Olivia thought she could keep Dan away from that Jimmy Fallon interview. To that end, why is he so embarrassed about the story? It could have been way worse. Lighten up.

I love Chuck’s character development over the course of the show, I really do. But it’s hard to invest in it. I’m sure a lot of it came from Bart’s death and his need to make his father proud posthumously, but where did he discover this newfound wisdom? He gives Serena some really good advice regarding her friendship with Blair, but because it comes from left field, somehow it feels cheap.

Episode 9- They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

“A debutante Ball without Blair Waldorf is like a Tour de France without Lance Armstrong.”


Random thoughts

  • For Graham Collins to be as great as everyone is saying he is, they could’ve at least given him a speaking line.
  • Eric lost his boyfriend and Jenny due to his scheming with Blair. Was it worth it?


I don’t understand why Serena continues to think that opportunity keeps falling into her lap because of her work ethic. It is so obvious that Tripp is attracted to Serena, not to mention that he’s married to Maureen, so why put her through this? Maureen certainly has her share of skeletons, but pulling a Monica Lewinsky isn’t the answer.

When Blair sees Chuck and Nate the morning after “lost weekend”, there are two women strewn all over the common room. Did Chuck cheat on Blair? What exactly are the dynamics of their relationship? They don’t give off the vibe that they’d be into an open relationship, so maybe the brief glimpse was a continuity error. Or, maybe the rules are different during lost weekend. Who’s to say?

Episode 10- The Last Days of Disco Stick

“Chuck, could you find another way to drum up business? Because this Belgian bore has been playing in the park for the past half hour with his dinghy.”


Random thoughts

  • Nate may be a bumbling fool on most topics, but he’s no stranger to a rendezvous and was spot on in the advice he gave Dan.
  • If Rufus knew how Chuck and Jenny first met, he wouldn’t let him set foot in the VDW penthouse. He’s come a long way, sure, but let’s never forget.
  • I get that Jenny wanted to “expand her horizons”, but getting involved with a drug dealer? We know this won’t end well.
  • Is the singing portion of Dan’s play supposed to be off beat on purpose? More importantly, why is Blair even entertaining this corny play?


Word to the wise: do not get close with someone you’re attracted to when they are in a committed relationship. It’s bad for business. And speaking of business, Maureen is no spring chicken. She’s observant enough to see the sexual tension between Serena and Tripp.

Serena is being awfully unfair. Even if she and Nate weren’t on bad terms, how else did she expect for him to stomach the news that she’s interested in getting into an affair with his cousin?

The altercation between Vanessa and Olivia is easily one of my favorite moments of the entire show because it was so obviously headed that way. Not only that, but the fact that they were so open about the issue in a semi-public setting? TV gold.

It’s pretty obvious that Serena’s love life is heavily influenced by her need for validation, especially given that her dad has yet to reach out to her (at least not that she knows of, but we’ll get into that later). Regardless, I think it may be a good idea for her to leave men alone for a while.

Episode 11- The Legend of Serena Madre

“Doing the right thing takes strength and courage…at least that’s what I’ve heard.”


Random thoughts

  • Running the same circles is dangerous. Look how many times drama bubbles up whenever these characters’ worlds collide. It’s what makes this show so dang good.
  • Rufus can’t be that naive. It was too easy for Lily to “fess up”. Uncovering a real secret would have taken much more effort.


How did Jenny not notice that Eric and Jonathan weren’t together anymore? I guess the more you start paying more attention to yourself, the less you pay attention to everyone else around you.

It’s annoying to watch Serena get upset when Tripp flakes on her for his wife, but it starts to make more sense when you consider that she may very well have abandonment issues. If Serena really cared about Tripp and Maureen’s marriage, she wouldn’t have folded when Tripp needed a… shoulder to cry on. Sure, it was “just a kiss”, but you can’t cross a moral line and then try to set boundaries, it just doesn’t work that way.

Episode 12- The Debarted

“You opened your heart to Blair, and it made you weak. You cannot be one person at work and another one at home. If you’re soft, you’re soft. And, well, let’s face it, you’re soft.”


Random thoughts

  • Do you know how witty you have to be to be queen? Jenny is ruthless, but you’ve got to hand it to her: her one liners are top notch.


The last thing Eric said to Jenny in the previous episode was that she should watch her back. Flash forward to phase one in he and Kira’s plot to take her down. I’m sure living together helps gather invaluable intel… on both sides.

It’s weird to think that Tripp and Serena have developed such a deep connection so quickly, but they’ve known each other for years, and Serena even said she’d had a crush on him since she was younger. However, given their undeniable attraction to each other, it seems like Tripp may have been equally interested in her as well…. which is weird because she’s barely past the age of consent threshold. Here we are again with the blurred lines around age and relationships.

Bart had more of an influence on Chuck than I realized until I rewatched this episode. Before his passing, Chuck was a cold-hearted and unbearable individual. Then, he slowly began to thaw out, opening his heart to love and making strides to become an honest businessman. However, the anniversary of his father’s death brought back old feelings. When Blair calls him about Serena’s car accident, the emotions that play across his face from annoyance to genuine concern is brilliant. Bravo, Westwick.

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