Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S 1 Pt 2

Welcome back to another week of GG commentary! We’re 2/3 of the way through season 1, and so much more has happened at this point than I remember!

Like really, CeCe Rhodes really made her first appearance this early? I could’ve sworn it was later 😅

A suggestion on how to read this blog series is to follow along while you’re watching the show. If you’re due for a rewatch, binging a bunch of episodes and then coming back to read our commentary can be really fun! Comments of your thoughts as you watch are highly encouraged.

As always,

  1. There are spoilers. Read at your own risk.
  2. All photos featured come from the Gossip Girl Wiki unless otherwise stated.

Now, let’s get into season 1, part 2!

Episode 7- Victor Victrola

“I don’t wanna talk about it. I just wanna escape.”

-Blair Waldorf

Random thoughts

  • I know press media is notorious for their overy exaggerated caricatures, but that one of Bart Bass? HAHAHAHA.
  • Does Rufus even think to see who’s home before screaming on the phone regarding his wife’s affair?
  • Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the main characters are supposed to be high schoolers here. This isn’t the first time I had this thought during the show, and it certainly won’t be the last.


Bart ends up being a much bigger jerk later in the series, but you can’t blame him for being disappointed in Chuck’s business proposal. However, in Chuck’s defense, his dad hasn’t necessarily set the best example for his womanizing son.”Do as I say, not as I do”, I guess.

How does Vanessa even know all of this stuff about Serena? Maybe from Jenny, maybe from Dan. Regardless, it seems like V is way too invested in these people’s lives, especially for someone who prides herself on being the antithesis of a socialite. It just goes to show how powerful their influence is. People want what they can’t have. It’s human nature. And if they can’t have it outright, they’ll get as close as they can to it.

SHOUT OUT TO SIR NATE ARCHIBALD! One of his greatest traits was his dedication to the truth (sometimes, at least.) It almost seems staged that his dad punched him right in front of the police. Both of his parents are used to pushing things under the rug, but Golden Boy has had enough!

I appreciate Chuck for telling his dad the truth about what happened with Lily. It was a very mature move, and even though his actions in the beginning of the season are not even close to forgivable, he begins to take steps in the right direction as early as this episode. Of course, this doesn’t completely absolve Bass Jr. from future scheming and mischief…

I absolutely understand Blair’s feelings after realizing that Nate doesn’t love her. She lets loose in this episode, first at Chuck’s bar and then in the back of his car. There is something cathartic about losing all inhibition to numb pain, with not a care in the world about reality. However, there are almost always consequences, as B will soon find out.

Episode 8- Seventeen Candles

“Like what? ‘Your daughter’s a freshman at a school populated by mean girls and date rapists? I think she needs her mom’? Or maybe ‘my father is madly in love with you and will probably never get over this’? Why should I have to tell you this?”

-Dan Humphrey (to mom Alison when asked why he didn’t say anything about her leaving)

Random thoughts

  • Remember the Juke phone?! The phone Nate was listening to music on when his mom was trying to get his attention? What a gem.
  • WHY does Blair even want Nate back when it’s so obvious he isn’t into her? Again, these characters are in high school here, but still.
  • Watching Vanessa and Serena play Guitar Hero is probably one of the most age-appropriate activities I’ve seen the cast do so far (besides go to school, of course.)
  • I get that you should be there for your family when they’re in trouble, but Nate’s parents are really laying it on thick. And I’m 1000% here for Nate’s rebellion.


Nate’s mom is the world’s worst gaslighter! It’s one thing to dismiss him from the conversation, but it’s another to put words in his mouth to keep him docile. Also, can we talk about how pushy his parents are to get him to marry Blair for their own selfish reasons? Can you blame Nate for being the way he was?

I know we rag on Serena a lot over here, and her getting a ‘tude because Dan told Vanessa something before her is one of those things I could definitely get into, especially since Lonely Boy and V have history. But as an adult, watching these love triangles unfold on GG is infuriating. Most of their problems could be solved if they just confronted each other! It’s hard not to give these kids flak for being immature in their interpersonal relationships when they try so hard to act like adults.

You know something else that could resolve most of these issues? If people wouldn’t do their dirty business in broad day (or moon) light. Nate had to see that girl taking a photo when he was hugging Jenny goodbye. You made GG’s job so easy.

Episode 9- Blair Waldorf Must Pie

“Could I get some French fries? And just keep ’em coming.”

-Lily van der Woodsen

Random thoughts

  • Lily really should’ve stayed at home with that Nicholas Sparks book haha.
  • Now, I love Eleanor Waldorf. But watching her enable her daughter’s ED? That was horrific.
  • Seeing Blair in the flashbacks all happy with her dad is truly heartwarming. It humanizes her and makes her that much more lovable.


They flash between Thanksgiving present and the same holiday a year earlier in this episode. I struggle to see how Serena went from being drunk at the Waldorf’s, shipped off to boarding school, and back home with a new lease on life in one year. The magic of TV, I guess.

Speaking of, while it’s understandable why Serena wouldn’t remember Dan, Blair surely had to remember Sir Lonely Boy.

These kids weren’t born yesterday. When the Humphreys and van der Woodens (sans Serena) are at the dinner table and it comes out that Lily and Rufus have history, it’s a little humorous that the adults don’t think to read the room. These youngsters can smell when there’s hot goss afoot.

No one does frenemies better than Serena and Blair. B uninvites S to Thanksgving dinner after being confronted about her and Chuck, only to be the first one she calls when she needs support. They might as well be sisters.

Mrs. Archibald is a vindictive little devil, isn’t she? Early on, she comes off as the dutiful wife who idly stands by and watches her husband crash and burn. In reality, her family basically set Howard up to be a whole puppet. I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or impressed.

Episode 10- Hi, Society

“The way you feel? It never goes away. It just gets worse. You’ll always use your dessert fork for your entree, you’ll always feel underdressed no matter what you wear, and at dinner parties it will be as if you hear a language that sounds like English and you think you speak it but they don’t hear you, and you don’t understand them. As time passes, you’ll feel that people never see you when they look at you but wonder really if you’re Serena’s whim or her charity case. Until the day comes when you realize that girls like Serena don’t end up with Dan Humphrey. They end up with the Carters of the world and um, people like you, they turn into cocktail party anecdotes of their foolish youth.”

-CeCe Rhodes

Random thoughts

  • I’ve never understood the point of debutante balls. But of course, my net worth is -$1,000,000, so what do I know?
  • Did it really take the presenter at the debutante ball that long into reading Serena’s bio to realize it was out of pocket? The cotillion committee may want to hire a new presenter.
  • I admire Blair’s ability to read people like a book. She can take one look at someone (in this case, Chuck) and immediately know what they’re trying to hide. It’s one of her many superpowers.
  • It must be nice to be able to just hop on a jet and fly to wherever your heart desires when you’re upset. Lucky Chuck.


I feel like Nate only wanted Blair back because he likes the chase. Isn’t that usually how it goes? He explicitly said that he hadn’t gotten over Serena just a few episodes ago, but she’s unavailable now, so back to square one he goes. It’s not like he’s doing it for his parents, either. I’ll take “wanting what you can’t have” for $200, Alex.

Remember when I said I don’t love Alison’s character? Here’s a reason why: she gets Jenny a pair of really cute pumps at the thrift store (which the frugal girl in me would have died for), and when Little J turns her nose up at them, how does her mother respond? By rewarding her with a designer pair instead? To be fair, she’s also trying to balance being a mother and friend for fear of losing her baby girl, so I’ll allow it.

Chuck’s look in season one is detestable. I can’t wait for later seasons when the hair department finally gives the guy a proper haircut.

As I think more about this, though, maybe the decision was deliberate. Characters often undergo a change in appearance as a series progresses to mark their development (or lack thereof.) Maybe his sloppy-choppy season one hairstyle was intended to make my stomach turn. His character definitely did.

I really appreciate this era of TV, when real music artists would frequent episodes and perform their songs. However (and sorry in advance to all you fans of The Pierces), I really don’t like the song they sing during the debutante dance. Sure, the lyrics resonate perfectly with the theme of the show, but it feels so out of place at an event like that.

Episode 11- Roman Holiday

“Blair learned scheming from her mother, and unrealistic dreaming from her father. She tries really hard to act all grown up but don’t you be fooled. She’s still a little girl… who needs her daddy.”

-Eleanor Waldorf

Random thoughts

  • There our girl Jenny goes again, singing and looking all cute with the Constance Billard choir. And it’s a Christmas song? Bonus Jonas. #santabby
  • I’m indifferent to Rufus’s wife Alison. She doesn’t do anything overtly heinous, but she’s also painstakingly forgettable.
  • I find it so interesting that these swanky kids hail taxis. I know it’s NYC and all, but you would think their car drivers would just be sitting around on standby 24/7.
  • There are some moments that make me really like Lily, like when she helped Dan and Jenny get that contraband tree into the hotel. So wholesome.
  • You will never catch me on ice skates. Did you see how much Roman was struggling? Yeah, it’s a no for me.


Dan knew exactly what he was doing, reading that card from Alison’s side piece. It’s not like he read any of the other cards aloud. Typical “make scandal known to audience for dramatic effect” move.

Speaking of Alison and Rufus, the heartfelt conversation they have when they realize that their marriage has officially run its course made me tear up a little. Sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Gift giving battle: childhood best friend/old flame vs high society girlfriend. That’s a toughie. A common TV trope is to use the struggle of finding the “perfect” gift for a significant other as a symbol that the couple may not actually be that compatible.

However, material gifts are only one way to show someone you really know them. Look at how Vanessa knew Dan well enough to get him not one, but two cheap yet thoughtful gifts that she knew he’d love while Serena’s first thought was a multi-thousand dollar watch…maybe that trope is pretty spot on.

Imagine: the man your husband left you for invites a stranger into your home and tries to pimp you out to them. Eleanor handled that with much more class than I would have. Of course, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that she seemed to enjoy, ahem, entertaining him. Too bad he’s never seen or mentioned again.

In Rufus’s voicemail professing his love for Lily, he claims that he walked all the way from Brooklyn to her hotel. On the Upper East Side. That’s about a 3 hour walk. In the middle of December. In New York. And he had no coat. The things you’ll do for love, I tell ya.

Episode 12- School Lies

“I’m all for loyalty, and I’m all for sticking together, but we are not in the same boat here. I’m on a partial scholarship. My parents have no way of buying my way back into this school, or any other. And I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion with your band of brothers, but if the person who brought that key refuses to step up, then anybody who knows anything has the right to say something.”

-Dan Humphrey

Random thoughts

  • Ah, it’s the school pool break-in episode. I’m not sure how I feel about the tonal shift this episode takes.
  • I love Serena’s one-piece swimsuit in the opener!!! Any ideas on where I can find a similar one?
  • I would’ve taken Chuck’s thiccc wad of cash for the tape too, even if it wasn’t blank! And lived happily ever after. The end.


This is the first appearance of Headmistress Queller, and she didn’t come to play! I like how stern she is with a group of students who are so used to charming themselves out of any situation. A comment of special note is how she refers to Nate as someone who “toes the line of mediocrity.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, Madam Q.

Vanessa waltzing around Blair’s home with that stupid video camera… goodness. It seems like something a five year old would do. I get that she is an aspiring film maker, but what kind of film is she trying to make? Doesn’t look like anything I’d want to watch… oh wait.

I know that Serena was annoyed that Bart and Chuck conspired to get her off the hook for the school pool debacle, but what would the alternative have been? Get expelled? Go back to boarding school? Feigning disgust at your privilege when you wouldn’t hesitate to use it in any other situation is laughable at best.

Hey! You stuck around to the end. Kudos to you 🎉

One note that I want to make here for us to refer back to later is that Alison (Jenny and Dan’s mom) leaves for good in episode 11. I don’t necessarily think her mom’s departure was the sole reason Jenny began to act out in later episodes, but I’m sure it played a part. Let’s see if we notice any major character changes in the last third of season one.

Thoughts on eps 7-12? Drop them below!


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