Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch FINALE- S 6 Pt 2

Happy #GGThursday!! We are finishing the series (yes, series) today! It’s been a wild ride and it’s bittersweet to see it come to an end. For the last time (for this show, anyway): ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

But first,

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2. Spoilers abound (duh). Read at your own risk.

Episode 6- Where The Vile Things Are

“Blair, you tracked me down with your Spotted map and threatened me with the return of Vanessa. You are not mature, polite, or professional. And even your own mother knows it.”


Random thoughts

  • Is Lily really vindictive, or is Rufus just sore because he knows he could never compete with a Rhodes girl?
  • We know that Chuck is filthy rich, but doesn’t he want to at least check to see if what he’s looking for in the rainbow lady painting is still there before offering to buy it from Ivy for $2.4 million?


I feel bad for Blair here, but it’s easy to understand her mother’s frustration at the possibility of all that she had worked so hard for being destroyed at the hands of her volatile daughter. However, I can’t help but wonder if Eleanor had her own history of vindictiveness in her younger days. I mean, Blair had to get it from somewhere.

Episode 7- Save The Last Chance

“Everyone loves a crown, but when it comes to power, the mob totally trumps the monarchy.”


Random thoughts

  • People aren’t willing to take a bet in today’s economy either, Mr. Boyer.
  • Nate and Chuck have to have the most solid friendship in this entire show, and I am 100% here for it.


I get that Nelly Yuki’s reappearance on the show is supposed to serve as a “take that” at all of the harm Blair caused her in high school, but she can’t be the only fashion reporter in New York.

Ivy’s behavior is becoming cancerous. I was on her side when she pretended to be Carol’s daughter to have a chance at being accepted by a real family, but now she’s just showing off. Revenge sure has a way of bringing out the worst in you. Look at what it did to Ben, Juliet, Vanessa, Jenny… shall I go on?

Episode 8- It’s Really Complicated

“What is Thanksgiving without a side of drama? Or pie? Apple or pumpkin?”


Random thoughts

  • We can all agree that the costume Blair wears to seduce Chuck to dinner is highly inappropriate and would have gotten her cancelled today.


Why would Serena invite her ex-boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner with her current…. whatever she and Dan are? And, at Sage’s insistence, no less?

I really want to root for Lily, but she always chooses her husband of the week over everyone else. It’s her single greatest character flaw. She had done so much work to develop a solid relationship with Chuck, getting him to trust her and consider her the only parental figure worth caring about, only to side with his vindictive father who has shown nothing but disdain for him all his life. She eventually wises up, but it’s still hard to watch.

Episode 9- The Revengers

“Bart Bass may be able to fool the FBI, but he has never had to face off against Blair Waldorf and her bitches.”


Random thoughts


Even when Dan tries to do something good, the gang will never let him forget his humble roots. Granted, he’s done some pretty despicable things to all of them, but it’s no different than what they do to each other on a regular basis.

You can’t blame Serena for not believing anything Dan said after everything he’d done to her. Then again, Dan probably assumed Serena would be so forgiving that she’d overlook all of his previous mistakes.

It’s amazing how much of a different tune you start to sing when your life hangs in the balance. Isn’t that right, Bart? Also, and I may be a bit morbid for this, but I’m glad Chuck didn’t try to help him. If he had, Bart would’ve either continued to emasculate him for not being “man” enough to see it through or attempted to take Chuck with him.

Episode 10- New York, I Love You XOXO

“You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you’ll never be rid of me. There will always be someone on the outside wanting to get in. Who am I now? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.”

Random thoughts

  • Only Chuck and Blair would get married under such wild circumstances. I must say, it is very them.
  • Speaking of wild circumstances, how crazy is it that Lily has had to mourn the death of the same husband, not once, but twice?
  • I laughed way harder than I should have when William openly rejected Ivy. Had she learned nothing in her time on the UES?
  • It’s pretty evident that the flashback in Dan’s story was filmed later in the show’s run. Even though the characters, especially Dan and Chuck, have the same hairstyles that they did in the pilot, they clearly look older than they were in high school.
  • YES ERIC! So good to see him in the finale. And with some facial hair that suits him quite well, might I add.


Ah, the infamous series finale and G.G. reveal. My thoughts? I don’t buy it. It would be great to have the show retold through Dan’s point of view because some of the more egregious G.G. blasts don’t add up. Additionally, I really don’t buy that everyone was suddenly okay with it once they found out. It feels like a cheap way to tie up loose ends and give everyone a happy ending. Sure, the final seconds of the episode reveal that Gossip Girl is still alive and kicking, but it still doesn’t make up for the haphazard way the series ends.

Honestly, I would’ve believed Dorota was G.G. over Dan.

And with that, that’s a wrap on our Gossip Girl rewatch! Now that we’ve officially completed the show, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the series as a whole. How did you feel about Dan being revealed as the titular character? If you had a magic wand, how would you have written the finale? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned for the next show we’ll be watching 👀


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