What Happened to T-Mobile Tuesdays?

I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over six years. While I don’t see myself switching carriers any time soon, there is one gripe I have, and it’s not the data breaches (maybe it should be?)

It’s T-Mobile Tuesdays.

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Launched in 2016, T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app that gives out freebies and discounts every Tuesday. It’s the Un-carrier’s way of thanking its customers for doing business with them. Pretty cool, right?

Common offers are a few bucks off a drink or meal or a free T-Mobile branded item like an umbrella or hat. Brands that currently frequent the app are Little Caesar’s, Dunkin Donuts, Atom Tickets, and Shell.

Something to note is that the offers are available per active line, not necessarily per account. So theoretically, if you had 8 lines on an account and T-Mobile was running a promotion for free pizza at Domino’s or $3 off at Starbucks, you could pile all of your offers together and make out like a bandit.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Getting a small discount on a tank of gas or a grande latte for half off is great. However, it seems like the quality of the offers have diminished as of late.

Years ago, it was very common to get a $2 Dunkin Donuts e-gift card on T-Mobile Tuesdays. Once I realized how often they would come (roughly once a month), I’d add them to my DD app until I had enough for a free coffee and donut.

In time, T-Mobile caught on to my ruse, and now prohibits the ability to transfer amounts to other apps. Granted, you have about a week to use the offer (after you claim it in-app) before it expires, but what if I don’t want DD that week? Oh well, I guess that’s my problem.

I think part of what makes T-Mobile Tuesdays a drag isn’t what they offer, but remembering to use the offer.

For instance, they had an offer for a free smoothie from Tropical Smoothie a while back, which I was really excited about because I’d never been. I claimed the offer and had a week to use it… and forgot. I even made a calendar reminder for myself and everything.

Some offers aren’t practical because the brand in question doesn’t have a location near you. That’s the case with all the Auntie Anne’s pretzel offers and $5 movie tickets at participating Atom theaters. I’d take advantage of the latter if the nearest Atom theater to me wasn’t over an hour away.

Then they have sweepstakes and discounts on travel (through Priceline), which I never really look into because they feel gimmicky.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal on a flight or hotel as much as the next guy, but is it really that much cheaper?

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As a mini experiment, I searched for a flight in T-Mobile Travel that I booked directly with the airline a few months ago.

The cheapest flight was about $50 more than what I paid (not including taxes and fees), which could be in part because my departure date is closer now than when I initially booked, but still.

They also give you a whopping $10 in hotel credit when you book a flight with them. That’s assuming I haven’t already secured lodging, but even if I hadn’t, I’m not sure what $10 would get me.

Similarly, I checked prices for rental cars to compare to my upcoming trip. Even with T-Mobile’s “exclusive discount” when you Buy Now, they’re all $100 more than when I reserved through my preferred company (I also have a membership number that gives me an additional discount but can’t be added on T-Mobile’s travel portal.) So what’s really the point?

The one thing that actually does seem worth the trouble is checking out their discounts on theme parks and attractions. You could easily save $30+ on a day ticket, which may even include parking or a meal in the park.

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You can probably find similar deals through your insurance company or credit card issuer, so I wouldn’t say it’s enough of a reason to make the switch to T-Mobile. However, if you’re already a customer, it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

This isn’t to say that T-Mobile doesn’t have a lot of other great perks on select plans, like free Apple TV+ and Netflix, in-flight WiFi, a year of AAA, and a season of MLB.TV and MLS Season Pass for baseball and soccer fans, to name a few.

For what it’s worth, T-Mobile Tuesdays has a lot to offer (no pun intended.)

Maybe I’m just bitter because they won’t let me pile up on the DD cash anymore.

Have you taken advantage of any T-Mobile perks? Or are you with a different carrier who has better ones?

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