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Apple has just announced their leap into the metaverse. Their new mixed reality headset, called Apple Vision Pro, was announced today at WWDC and gets us one step closer to living out our Black Mirror fantasies.

This post isn’t about that.

I was bitten by the Apple bug 13 years ago. The county I lived in received a grant that gave all students in 6-12 grade access to a MacBook for the school year.

Fast forward to present-day, and I now have 2 MacBook Airs, a pair of AirPods, an iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

One of my favorite YouTubers has the AirPods Max, which is the larger, over-the-ear version of the smaller AirPods. I wanted a pair of wireless headphones to cancel out noise when my neighbors get rowdy, so I set my sights on them.

There was just one problem: they were $549.


Now, you may be asking yourself: Why would anyone in their right mind pay that kind of money for a pair of headphones? Are they really that great?

I’m here to tell you: They are, especially when you get them for 70% off.

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First of all, they are insanely comfortable. The ear cushions are made with memory foam, so you don’t get that weird pinching feeling on your ears if you wear them for too long.

They also have some seriously long battery life. You can easily get 20 hours of listening time from a single charge, which is perfect for when I’m binge watching Netflix on my Apple TV all day.

Lastly, the noise cancellation is truly impeccable. The AirPods Max has two modes: Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation. The former is great for when you need to hear something from outside without having to remove the headphones, but the latter is where this device really shines. It blocks out background noise really well, and is also equipped with spatial audio that gives you a surround sound feel.

I had no intention of paying full price for them, and I didn’t. Here is how I saved 70% on a brand new pair of AirPods Max (starting price: $549):

  1. Get them at Best Buy. That’s my first tip if you want any Apple product at a discount. Apple hardly ever marks their inventory down because they know people will gladly pay full price for their devices. Not me. At the time of this writing, Best Buy sells AirPods Max for at least $50 less than retail. Current cost: $499.
  2. Catch a flash sale. When I am about to make a big purchase item, I usually don’t do it immediately. I take a few days to think on it. Luckily, doing that this time around paid off. About 3 days after I had originally looked at Best Buy’s site, they were having a flash sale on select Apple products, including the AirPods Max. Another $50 down. Current cost: $449.
  3. Take advantage of credit card rewards. This one was a bit of an accident. I had planned to use my credit card to pay for the headphones to gain a little cash back on them, but didn’t expect the majority of my savings to come from this. Unbeknownst to me, this purchase put me over the minimum threshold I needed to take advantage of my welcome offer, which was a $300 statement credit. This put my final purchase price at $149 before tax. What a steal!

I was totally fine with saving $100 on a pair of AirPods Max. Something is better than nothing, right? However, getting an extra $300 off certainly sweetened the deal.

Do you have a major savings success story? How did you make it happen?

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