Gossip Girl (2007) Rewatch- S 5 Pt 3

Happy #GGThursday!! We have a wedding, a wake, and an impending lawsuit to get into! Ready to rewatch with us? Grab a snack and settle in!

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2. Spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.

Episode 13- G.G.

“Today, with the eyes of the world on us, I had no choice but to stand by your side after your public apology. But that was it. From this moment forward, there is nothing between us but a contract. Our marriage is all for show.”


Random thoughts

  • This is the 100th episode of Gossip Girl! Hooray!
  • How is it that Georgina just so happened to have medicine for Father Cavalia’s food poisoning?
  • These characters have to stop letting Georgina slip through the cracks. Lily and Rufus should have guarded all of the exits and escorted her out with their bare hands.
  • Blair asking Cyrus to accompany her and her father down the aisle was such a tender moment.


Many brides get nervous on their wedding day, but I imagine it’s even worse when you know in your heart you are meant to be with someone else. I admire Chuck for attempting to take the high road, but if even the mother of the bride can see that he’s the right man for her, then it must be true.

I understand why Blair didn’t want to tell Chuck the truth about why she couldn’t be with him (and swore Dan and Serena to secrecy), but if there was ever a time to break a promise, this was it. Chuck deserved to know why Blair changed her mind so abruptly after the accident, and it would be a shame for her to be relegated to a life of mediocrity and resentment for it. Sure, she may have “grown to love” Louis, but she’d never love him like she loves Chuck.

Blair used to be able to sniff out deceit like a bloodhound, but she’s lost her touch over time. How could she think that Louis would be able to ignore her heartfelt profession of undying love to another man?

Episode 14- The Backup Dan

“What kind of chance do we have if our fresh start is you buying me from Louis? When and if we end up together, it has to be as equals, with nothing over our heads. That’s the only shot we have.”


Random thoughts

  • I could never wear sky high heels to my job as a cater waiter, but go Lola.


Let’s be real Blair: Louis did not turn into a completely different person the minute that video came out. He has shown signs of this nefarious behavior for weeks now. Did she forget about him leaking the Gossip Girl blasts at her bridal shower? Or him paying a therapist to push Chuck over the edge?

Nate isn’t classist, so his kicking Lola out had more to do with the fact that he caught her lying over the phone. As much as Nate’s been lied to in the past, you can’t blame him for being suspicious.

Serena is so selfish. The only reason she’s so mad about Blair running to Dan is because she feels as though she has a claim on him now that she loves him again. It’s childish, especially since Dan hadn’t reciprocated any kind of feelings for Serena (this time around).

Episode 15- Crazy, Cupid, Love

“Sweetie, if Blair hated you for being poor before, imagine how much she’d hate you for making her poor too.”


Random thoughts

  • Nate is too easy to get over on. He knew that the party Gossip Girl promoted at The Spectator was fake, but he let Tina talk him right into a mess, all for a girl. Typical Nate.


Georgina is really sick. It’s like she’s addicted to ruining everyone’s lives. But why? I’ve discussed this in previous seasons, but it seems like she’s got some kind of mental issue where she can’t help but wreak havoc. To be fair, her return this season is fueled by getting Blair back for all the trouble she’s caused her in the past, but G is enjoying blackmailing everyone in the process way too much.

How did Estee let Blair out of her sight for operation Derena? Regardless, it is so sweet of Blair to play matchmaker to bring the two together. At least… until she lets Dan kiss her. She had to know that Dan had feelings for her — I mean, he wrote her husband’s vows for him!

Episode 16- Cross Rhodes

“So this is about Blair. Well then I guess I’m not competing, I must be winning. You wouldn’t be trying this hard if I didn’t have a real shot with her. And up until this point, I wasn’t sure if I did. So thank you.”


Random thoughts

  • How nice it must be to have your life immortalized in a book where you get to know someone’s true feelings for you.
  • For someone supposedly keeping their eye on Blair’s every move, I didn’t see Estee one time while B was gallivanting around New York.


Serena is being a big brat. Blair is trying her hardest to prove to her that she and Dan are just friends (whether we’re meant to believe it or not is irrelevant), yet S is resorting to acting like an immature teen. However, Blair’s insistence on proving that she and Dan were just friends by stalking him and demonstrating the kiss Dan wrote about in his book went too far. I do appreciate her honesty near the end of the episode, though. Serena and Blair’s exchange at the hospital was one of the most refreshing of the series.

Ivy was wrong for withholding information about CeCe’s health from her actual family. Sure, she lied about her entire identity to all of the UES, but to hide out with CeCe for months without telling anyone crossed the line. And as bad as I feel for Ivy being put on ice after the truth came out, it was a long time coming.

Episode 17- The Princess Dowry

Photo: GG Wiki

“When everyone at a party hates you, who better to bring than someone they hate even more?”


Random thoughts

  • Georgina’s husband Philip is an imbecile and I’m sick of seeing him.
  • It’s very odd that Eric couldn’t make CeCe’s wake but William could. I assume that Eric’s actor simply wasn’t available, since bringing a Baldwin into the episode had to have taken a larger chunk of the budget.
  • If Ivy was that bad of an actress, why did Carol hire her?


What is Georgina’s end goal here? To keep Blair from becoming a royal princess? Then what? If she divorces the prince and finds love with Chuck, is that such a terrible destiny? So what does G get out of all of this in the long run, the thrill of the game? That must be the case, as her slinking around at the wake collecting intel for future reference, most notably learning that William is Lola’s biological father, has nothing to do with Blair’s demise. As annoying as she can be, though, I must admit she’s quite the evil genius, and makes the show that much more entertaining.

Episode 18- Con-Heir

“I can’t believe you’re taking their side. They’re just using you and when they’re done they’ll throw you out, just like they did me.”


Random thoughts

  • Rufus has really got to let his disdain for William go, or at the very least not be such a childish brat every time they’re in the same room.
  • How many times do people need to tell Lily and Rufus that it was Ivy Dickens that CeCe left everything to, not Charlie Rhodes?


I love how disinterested Lola is in getting to know her family early in the episode, especially given how her mother virtually ostracized her from them her entire life. Serena is being awfully pushy without thinking about whether or not Lola even wants to be associated with her mother’s family, and then gets offended when she blows her off. Serena isn’t used to rejection, and between Lola, Nate, and GG, it’s pretty dang cathartic to see her not get her way.

In true Rufus fashion, he gets his son a hotel room while he and his wife stay in the loft, knowing full well that he’ll likely have Blair over, who is still married. What lesson are you trying to teach here, Mr. Lily Bass/VDW/Humphrey?

What are your favorite moments in season 5 so far? Let us know in the comments!


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