Gossip Girl Rewatch (2007)- S3 Pt 1

Happy #GGThursday!! The crew is headed off to college, which means there are all kinds of new (and old) trouble to get into. Family drama, love triangles, and plots for revenge? Is there a better trifecta in prime-time television? I don’t think so! I can’t hold in the excitement anymore, let’s jump into season three!

But first,

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2. Spoilers abound. Read at your own risk.

Episode 1- Reversals of Fortune

“Our bags are packed, the house is closed up, but the real question remains: now that you’ve spent your whole summer drinking your coffee out of CeCe’s china, will it taste as good coming out of your Welcome Back Kotter mug at home?”



If Serena would just tell the truth more instead of trying to ignore the obvious, she’d be much more bearable. On a separate yet related note, why does paparazzi care about her anyway? Sure, there are lots of people who are famous just for being rich and attractive, but what makes her so special?

I feel bad for Blair. She’s obviously keeping up with these “games” for Chuck’s sake because she’s scared he may lose interest in her if she doesn’t. Trust me sweetie, if he doesn’t like you for you, let. it. go.

I agree Rufus: it is quite ironic that, in the midst of all of the lewdness Serena gets involved in overseas, the Polo Society would want her to throw the first ball. I guess it’s like they say: there’s no such thing as bad publicity, at least when you’re Serena van der Woodsen.

As Serena took off on one of the horses at the polo match, I remembered why she was doing all of those wild and crazy things: she was trying to get her father’s attention. However, did she think at all about the other attention she would garner in the process?

Vanessa is so annoying! What about the way Dan was acting in this episode is any different than before? He would’ve run off to defend Serena before the limos and expensive suits, so why is she being such a brat? If you’re jealous, just say that.

Episode 2- The Freshmen

“For people like us, a college degree is just an accessory. Like a Malawi baby or a poodle.”


Random thoughts

  • Vanessa has a type, and it’s offspring of Rufus Humphrey.


Blair really thought these NYU girls would fall in line to her uppity socialite regime. College students, even those at NYU, are notorious for being broke. No one cares about sushi and wasabi facials or being swept away in limos to swanky parties. At least, not most of them.

Georgina is so convincing. Even after all of her antics, she does a great job of playing the wounded bird. I’m with Dan here: it’s one thing to be forgiving, but to fraternize with the enemy is completely ludicrous. Unfortunately, all it takes is a wild college party and a couple of cheap beers to make him forget all about that.

Here we see yet another example of Serena lousing up situations and still believing she’s the victim. She messes up Chuck’s business meeting out of spite, and she’s the one with the attitude? Then, when Rufus rightfully reprimands her for lying about leaving for Brown, she gets defensive, as if his reaction isn’t completely warranted. But wait, it gets better! She then uses Carter to embarrass Chuck when he tries to recover. And we’re supposed to believe Blair is the problem child.

Episode 3- The Lost Boy

“When it comes to Blair Waldorf, I don’t have to do much but light the match and watch her go up in flames.”


Random thoughts

  • Did Georgina really like Dan? Or was he just another pawn in her sick and twisted games?


Clearly Scott isn’t being completely upfront about his intentions, but to pretend that he’s a student? So his parents lied and told Scott Rufus and Lily didn’t want to meet him. Was infiltrating himself into their lives and deceiving them necessary?

Then, when he’s confronted by everyone to finally tell the truth, he lies and says he’s their son’s brother. Now, I am in no position to dictate how someone should confess their true identity to their birth parents, but the fact that he has already told Vanessa makes this secret a lot harder to bury.

Serena is awfully tight lipped with Blair and Chuck when it comes to her father. Instead of gallivanting around the world making a scene in hopes of her dad noticing her, why not ask Chuck to get one of his P.I.’s to hunt him down?

Episode 4- Dan de Fleurette

“Not that I give two hoots about finance; I just need to know that in this misbegotten corner of Manhattan that wealth, ambition, and moral laxity are still alive and well.”


Random thoughts

  • I love any opportunity to see Hilary Duff on screen.
  • If Olivia Burke is as famous as everyone says she is, how is she able to walk around campus without a multitude of groupies flocking around her?


I love that Jenny wanted to turn a new leaf and abolish the social hierarchy at Constance, but can you blame her for enjoying being worshipped? Who wouldn’t want to have minions at their beck and call?

Serena learned the lesson we already knew: charm won’t get you as far as you think when you’re trying to get a job. That is, until she gets an opportunity to work in publicity by happenstance. Must be nice.

Blair’s desperation to hold on to high school just goes to show how scary being out on your own and finding your people in this big, bad world can be. The dramatics are played for humor, but the sentiment is relatable nonetheless.

Lily is being unfair. If Rufus had forced Serena to go to Brown, she would have found a way to leave and hide it from both of them. Lily just needed someone to be mad at, and since her daughter had already stormed out, Rufus was the next best thing.

Episode 5- Rufus Getting Married

“Come on, Nate. You’re a van der Bilt. I’m a Buckley. And as much as I like you, thats always going to come first. It’s in my blood. It’s Texas.”

-Bree Buckley

Random thoughts

  • I don’t know how I feel about Jenny’s boho phase. Has she been dipping in Vanessa’s closet?
  • This may be an unpopular opinion, but I am not a Rufus and Lily fan. They go back and forth so much that it makes my head spin.
  • Sometimes I wonder why Dorota gets such a kick out of doing Blair’s dirty work until I realize that she may enjoy the excitement it brings. Let’s be real, she probably wouldn’t have the chance to do half of the things Blair orders her to do if she didn’t work for the Waldorfs.


Rufus is such a drama king. Any time he’s upset, he gets the biggest attitude and treats everyone around him like crap just because he has a hard time communicating his feelings. Lily is no better, but for some reason it annoys me more when Rufus does it. You see why I don’t like them together?

I have a hard time believing that Scott would be so quick to open up about his secret to Georgina of all people. He seems to have no problem telling everyone except the people who actually need to know.

Serena is a hypocrite. She does something questionable in a relationship and expects them to forgive her instantly. But let the guy be the one with the transgressions and she’s offended beyond belief. She was just trying to get rid of Carter two episodes ago, now she’s “in love” with him? That’s what you get for leading more with your heart instead of your head.

Nate and Serena have the same fatal flaw: they are way too trusting when it comes to relationships. It’s almost comical at this point, how many times they get strung along by their love interest of the week, only to find out the truth and end up right back at square one.

Episode 6- Enough About Eve

“See, that’s where you and I are different. I would never put my fate in someone else’s hands. That’s why I always win, and you lose.”


Random thoughts

  • I love how well Chuck knows Blair, to the point of knowing what kind of dreams she usually has, and that All About Eve isn’t an Audrey Hepburn movie.
  • The Buckleys are pretty much an expy of the Carringtons from Dynasty.


Nate’s “plan” to pay off Carter’s debts is as harebrained as he is, and Serena going along with it is equally foolish. There is no way I would want to be responsible for winning (or losing) an obscene amount of money.

Vanessa made the toast debacle much more difficult than it needed to be. I get that she wanted her parents’ validation, but Olivia seems like a sweet and understanding girl. If she had just been upfront with her, it would’ve been fine. But Vanessa let Blair get into her head and made a big mess of everything. Then again, she probably would’ve done the same thing without Blair’s influence.

Speaking of the Abramses, let’s talk about her mother real quick. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that’s not something you should project onto complete strangers. Flanderizing her character into a nonstop soapbox Sadie was unnecessary.

Serena and Carter’s relationship is not believable in the slightest, and this episode proves why. Serena doesn’t really have feelings for Carter, she just wants to feel needed. His distress gave her purpose, especially on the heels of her father not wanting to see her. When he rejected her, it was yet another blow to her already crumpled ego.

Season three came in with guns blazing! Anyone else ready to see what Georgina has up her sleeve? You know she never goes down without a fight, and if I remember correctly, her next appearance brings quite the doozy.

Are you rewatching with us? Let us know in the comments!


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