Succession: Is It Worth the Watch?

No, really. I’m asking.

I have a confession: I’m terrible at watching new shows when they air. Between all of the different streaming services and new shows dropping on what feels like a daily basis, who can keep up?

So I’ll go ahead and tell you: I’ve never seen Succession. But the season finale aired on HBO this past weekend, and it gave me an idea.

There are several shows and movies I’ve never seen that it seems like everybody and their mother has. So I’m going to review them, months, years, and sometimes even decades later, starting with this one.

I checked the season one trailer out on YouTube, and I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sold at first glance. What really piqued my interest, however, were the comments.

YouTube comments on Succession season one trailer

Season one came out five years ago, and people are still flocking to the comments to rave about how good the show is.

Now that the series is complete, I can watch it in its entirety without having to wait for a new season (which is one of the many benefits of waiting to watch stuff.)

There are only 39 episodes, so it shouldn’t take me long to get through them. If it’s really good, I may binge it all in one weekend.

My goal is to come back to discuss my thoughts on this hit show before the hype wears off, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Are you a Succession fan? Tell me, is it worth the watch?

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