Why I Quit Quip: A Quick Rant

Okay Quip, you’ve finally done it. You’ve increased your prices one too many times. 

I am an electric toothbrush aficionado. I’ve had one since middle school (I’m looking at you, ol’ Arm & Hammer Spinbrush.) So when I was in the market for a new dentist and found one that was giving new patients free Quip brushes, I was sold. 

Quip is a fancy lil toothbrush that is pretty similar to what you’d expect from an electric teeth cleaner except for one thing: they have a subscription service that will ship you a replacement brush and battery (as well as other oral care products) every 3 months. It’s cheaper to subscribe than to buy a new brush head in store, and who doesn’t love packages? 

I subscribed in March 2022. The first strike came 6 months later.

Since Quip launched in 2015, the cost of shipping for subscription orders was free. However, times have changed, and Quip (like several others) had to change with them. I received an email in August announcing that they were no longer able to cover shipping fees due to increasing production costs and would increase refill orders by $2 starting on September 12.

“$2?”, you may be asking. “That’s nothing.” I thought so too. I had recently added a really sexy floss pick to my subscription that matched my toothbrush so I was in it for the long haul (yes, I said sexy. I mean, look at them. It’s giving luxury.) 

Strike two came shortly after. 

My refill orders were scheduled to come quarterly on the 17th day of the month. The first two orders came on time. However, as time went on, the orders came later and later. 

Quip says that you can contact customer service if it’s been more than 14 days after your order has shipped, but why is it taking that long in the first place? 

The last order I received was in March and didn’t come until nearly the end of the month. Kind’ve frustrating when I could just as easily pick up a fresh brush head at Target (although it’s more expensive than the online subscription.)

Strike three came today. 

Supply chain costs are continuing to rise, which in turn has caused Quip to increase rates by $2 once again. 

So now, I’d be paying $7 for a replacement brush head (originally $5), $7 for replacement floss (originally $6), and incur a $2 shipping fee (there’s also the “free” replacement battery that comes with every refill order, but adding that in feels a little insulting at this point.) 

I should also point out that the $1 up charge on the floss is in addition to the $2 increase; I had skipped receiving the floss in my last refill order and it appears that the cost went up since I last ordered it. 

Long story short, I’m over it. If I were to continue my subscription (spoiler alert, I didn’t), I’d be paying over $16 for everything. Of course, it’s only every 3 months, but still. 

Between the long delivery waits and not knowing how long it’ll be before Quip needs to increase costs yet again, it was time to give it up. 

I have a few more weeks left in my brush before I’ll need to decide whether to buy a replacement head in store or start searching for a new oral care system altogether. 

In the meantime, if you have a Quip and stuck the toothbrush holder on your mirror like I did, any tips you have for removing it would be greatly appreciated.

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